Antigua And Barbuda: A Home To Unique Animals, Trees, And Plants

Eva Benites

When you hear the name Antigua and Barbuda, the things that come to mind are the turquoise waters, the pink-sand beaches, and the sunny climate. Have you ever wondered what unique species of animals, trees, and plants you can find in Antigua and Barbuda? It might surprise you that some of the rarest animals and trees are found in Antigua and Barbuda. Tonight on our program, we are going to find out from Dr. Dario Item, who serves as Antigua and Barbuda ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, the Principality of Monaco and the Principality of Liechtenstein.Ambassador Dario Item is also permanent representative to the UNWTO. He will tell us about the unique species of animals, plants, and trees we can find in his country.

Welcome to the program, Ambassador Dario ItemInvestigation shows that your country is home to some of the rarest species of animals and plants on earth. Can you confirm that?

Ambassador Dario Item: “Hello! You are very correct. I can tell you that our country is not only receptive to humans, but it is very receptive to animals, plants, and trees as well.”

Can you mention a few of such animals or plants we can see in your country?

Dario Item

Ambassador Dario Item: “I will start by mentioning the one that is named after our country. It is called the Antiguan racer. It is one of the rarest snakes in the world, but you can find it in our country. I don’t know if you are scared of snakes, but I can assure you that they are harmless. We also have the frigate bird, which is our national bird. The frigate birds in our country are more than the human population. We are fortunate that they have not chased us out. Talking of trees, we have coconuts, date palms, cinnamon trees, and many more. It might also interest you to know that in March and April, you can play with dolphins in Antigua and Barbuda. Our national flower is Agave Karotto, our national fruit is the black pineapple, while the whitewood is our national tree.”

How do these animals and plants contribute to the beauty of the country?

Ambassador Dario Item: “It is hard to imagine Antigua and Barbuda without these creatures. The pelicans by the seaside add to its beauty. The frigate birds flying in the skies above the blue waters and the coconut trees around the oceans perfect the beachside experience. The peoples, waters, animals, trees, and plants are part of our home.”

What efforts are the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda making to ensure that the country is safe for all living things?

Ambassador Dario Item: “The country belongs to all of us. The humans, the trees, the waters, the birds, everything, and everyone who contributes to the beauty of the country is a part of the country. The Ministry of Agriculture instituted the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP). The goal is to protect the flora and fauna of the country. The citizens, especially students, are being trained in the conservation and preservation of life. So far, the rate of bush burning, hunting, and unnecessary deforestation has reduced drastically in Antigua and Barbuda, and we are getting better by the day.”

Do you think coming to Antigua and Barbuda to see the flora and faunas is worth it?

Ambassador Dario Item: “Every day, people visit zoos and parks to see fewer creatures than what we see every day. Here, we have everything, and you can see them for free. I will recommend that every person in the world should visit Antigua and Barbuda once in his lifetime. If you don’t love the waters, you will love the trees, and if you don’t love the trees, you will love the sea and land creatures”

I will love to visit your country someday.

Ambassador Dario Item: “That will be great.”

Thank you for joining us on the program.

The conservative nature of Antigua and Barbuda has contributed immensely to the growth recorded so far in tourism. Thousands of people visit the country monthly to see not just the waters but also the floras and faunas of the country. What are you waiting for? Are you contemplating a vacation for your family? Are you looking for a country that has it all when it comes to nature? Pay a visit to Antigua and Barbuda today, and you will be glad you visited the country that has it all.

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