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Developing communication skills is one of the crucial elements of socializing and creating important relationships. Speech-therapy pathologists help children overcome barriers to communication. They determine the specific needs of each child and design therapy programs tailored to individual strengths, deficits, interests, and personalities.

Why early intervention is important?

Families, Friends, and even pediatricians agree that early intervention is important. Try These Out on why this is so. Waiting for six months is a big mountain your child needs to scale to develop communication skills once he starts. Early intervention helps the child to start early with one or two words, later catching up with about 40 to 50 words per 6 months. That is huge statistics. It is more effective and efficient.

Understanding Pre-school attention spans

When a child is just 12 months, he may just be attentive for a minute at a time. As he gets to the 18th month, his attention span would grow to be 2-3 minutes. After that, roughly the estimate would grow to 10-20 min by the time he reaches his 5th year. See Posts regarding the attention span of toddlers. The factors that affect the preschool attention span are sleep or illness, interest in the task, and challenges. These little children have very limited focus but you expect a lot out of them beyond their attention span. They cannot cope with formal ways f teaching. They need to learn through fun, playful activities to incorporate learning. Screen time is different from playing with toys or engaging in other activities. Too much screen time can be detrimental to a child’s attention span.

How social should they be?

As these children grow up they can communicate their feelings and needs more properly. They demonstrate empathy and display more self-control. Caregivers have the knowledge that preschoolers have huge feelings. See Posts in helping them tackle these more constructively. Biting or hitting or throwing tantrums should not be encouraged.

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