Which are the Best and Smart Hila Hoop Exercises for Beginners?

You should try hula hoopexercises if you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat and strengthen your abs. I’ve given you a guide for beginners to help you get started.

Exercise no 1: Start Warming Up

Warming up can help keep you from getting hurt or sore, which can happen when you work out. Here are a few ways to use the hula hoop to get warm.

Stand in the hula hoop and move your hips back and forth. Keep going for about a minute. Later on you can move your hips forward and back for another minute. After that, move your hips around the hula hoop in big circles, making sure to go in both directions. Repeat the whole thing.

Stand inside the hula hoop and hold both ends of the hoop with both hands. The hula hoop should be flat on the ground. Slowly bring the hula hoop up over your head and down to your hips. As you do this, start turning in circles. As your legs move, your heart rate will start to go up.

Dancing inside the hoop is a simple way to warm up. Put on your favorite music and move to the beat. Once you feel warm, you can start your workout.

Exercise no 2: Once you know how to waist hoop, go faster

Power hooping really works to get rid of belly fat because it is so fast. Start with your normal rhythm to power hoop. Once you feel comfortable with that, try to slowly speed it up. Once you do that, speed it up again, and keep doing that until the hoop is a blur around you.

That’s how fast it should be going. Pay attention to your abs. All of your power should come from your core, not your hips.

Exercise no 3: Your feet aren’t stuck to the ground

So you canhula hoop lernenwhile standing still or moving quickly. Now, you should start moving around and making use of the space around you.

The first thing I suggest is learning how to turn in a circle while hula hooping. This isn’t hard to do! Just keeps your core moving while you turn. Don’t be afraid to lift your feet off the ground.

Try moving from side to side. Keep practicing. You might not be able to do it all the first time, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to walk around while hooping in no time!

Exercise no 4: You only need 10 minutes per day!

If you can work out for 10 minutes three times a day, you will be on your way to getting that great beach body we all want. This is how you can improve your cardiorespiratory endurance, build more muscle, and lose weight around your waist.


Stay positive as you learn how to smart hula hoop. At first, it may be frustrating if you can’t keep the hoop spinning, but you may find that your hula hoop is too big or too small for you, or that the way you’re moving isn’t quite right. Either way, you CAN be successful with a few simple changes.

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