Parliament Night Blue: The Story Behind the Color of Halloween

Parliament blue is one of the most iconic colors of Halloween. Whether you’re dressing up as a pumpkin or a vampire, chances are you’ll be donning something in Parliament blue. But where did this color come from? And how did it come to be so closely associated with Halloween? In this article, we will explore the history and meaning of Parliament blue and its role in the global celebration of Halloween. We’ll also share some tips on how to get the perfect shade for your costume this year!

The History of Parliament Night Blue

Halloween is synonymous with costumes and parties, but the holiday’s origins date back to ancient Celtic celebrations. In honour of the dead, the Celts would dress up in bright colours and go about their lives as if they were still alive. One such colour was Parliament Night Blue, which symbolized hope and guidance for the living.

Over time, Hallowe’en evolved into a more secular celebration focusing on trick or treating and getting ready for Christmas. However, there are still references to Parliament Night Blue throughout popular culture. For example, the blue colour of the British flag is inspired by Parliament Night Blue. And many people believe that adding a touch of blue to their costumes helps ward off bad luck during Halloween festivities.

The Color Specifications for Parliament Night Blue

The name “Parliament Night Blue” is derived from the traditional color of the British House of Commons. The color was originally named “Royal Blue,” but in 1850, it was changed to reflect the new color scheme for the then-new Parliament building. Royal Blue is a deep navy blue and has been used as a symbol of national identity since 1714. The House of Commons original walls were painted Royal Blue and this tradition continued until 1922 when they were repainted in their present green.

In 1958, Parliament decided to use Parliament Night Blue as their official holiday color and it has been used ever since. In 1979, it became the official UK flag color and is currently used on all government documents, stationery, and passports.

The Different Types of Pigments Used to Make Parliament Night Blue

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “parliament” is derived from Old French and means “national assembly.” The color blue was chosen as the official color of the British Parliament in 1707, during Queen Anne’s reign. The choice was made to represent the navy and royal blue colors of England. In 1801, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was formed and parliament adopted the current name. The traditional color of the British Parliament is known as Parliament Night Blue.

The source of this particular blue pigment is unknown, but it has been used in various forms for centuries. It is thought that it may have originated in India or Persia. Over time, this blue pigment became popular in Europe and was eventually used to create Parliament Night Blue. Today, this pigment is manufactured using a variety of methods including distillation, grinding, and condensation.

One important factor to consider when using any type of pigment is its opacity. Opacity affects how light reflects off of a surface and can ultimately determine how bright a color appears. Parliament Night Blue has a high level of opacity which allows it to be very vibrant when applied to materials such as fabric or paint.

What Kinds of Papers Can Be Used to Print in Parliament Night Blue?

The color Parliament Night Blue was officially chosen by the United States House of Representatives in 1879 and has been used as the official color of Halloween since its creation. The shade is derived from the blue used in the British Royal Navy and was first used to identify members of Congress when they gathered for joint sessions on Capitol Hill.

Today, Parliament Night Blue is used throughout the United States Capitol complex, including in both chambers of Congress and in congressional offices. It is also the official color of both the Senate Historical Office and the Congressional Research Service.

How Do You Paint a Pumpkin in Parliament Night Blue?

If you’re looking for a Halloween color that’s not quite as traditional as orange or green, why not opt for parliament night blue? This stunning color is actually the official color of Halloween in the United Kingdom, and it’s available in both liquid and powder form.

To paint your pumpkin in parliament night blue, start by mixing together 2 parts powder pigment to 1 part liquid pigment. Apply the mixture to your pumpkin with a brush, and then allow the paint to dry. You can also use a spray bottle to apply the color straight to your pumpkin. Once it’s dried, you can add some details like black eyes or spooky teeth using a small brush.


Parliament blue is the color associated with Halloween and many other celebrations. In this article, we explore the story behind the color and see how it has come to be one of the most popular choices for costumes and home decorating during October. We also discuss some ways that you can use parliament blue in your own designs this Halloween season.



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