Euphoria Art: An Interview With Owner And Artist, Sydney Kocian

Sydney Kocian is an artist and owner of Euphoria Art, a creative space in Toronto that specializes in hand painted oil paintings. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions across Canada and the United States, and she has also written and illustrated several children’s books. In this interview, we talk to Sydney about her art, how she got started, and what her creative process looks like. We also get insights into her current work and some of her plans for the future. Read on to learn more about Sydney Kocian and her work!

What inspired you to start Euphoria Art?

In 2008, Sydney Kocian started Euphoria Art with the simple goal of creating beautiful art that could be enjoyed by everyone. Inspired by the works of artists such as Peter Max and Andy Warhol, Kocian strives to create pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

What originally drew you to the art world?

As a child, I was always drawn to artists who could capture emotion in their work. I loved looking at paintings that captured a moment in time or conveyed a feeling of melancholy or joy. After studying fine arts at college, I realized that this is what I wanted to do for a living.

What do you think sets your work apart from other artists in the same genre?

One of the things that sets my work apart is my use of color. I love using bright vibrant colors to convey energy and intensity. Additionally, I like to incorporate traditional Asian elements into my pieces to add an unique twist.

What materials do you use for your artwork?

I use a variety of materials to create my artwork, but I typically start with digital sketches and paintings. After creating the digital version, I will often print it out and work on it more in pencil or colored pencil.

Once the painting is finalized, I will often transfer it to canvas or some other material and begin working on details like highlights and shadows. Sometimes I’ll add elements like leaves or flowers after the painting is complete, but most of the time I work on these details as I go along.

To finish off my artwork, I usually take some photos or videos of it and post them online. This allows people to get a closer look at my process and also lets me share my work with a wider audience.

How do you manage your time while running Euphoria Art?

It can be difficult to manage one’s time while running Euphoria Art, especially if one is a creative person. Sydney Kocian, owner and artist of Euphoria Art, has found the perfect way to balance her work and home life while still keeping Euphoria Art thriving.

Kocian has developed a system where she works on four main projects at any given time. These projects are always evolving and changing, which allows her to stay up-to-date with new trends and techniques. She also makes sure to take breaks every few hours so that she does not overwork herself.

Kocian believes that it is important for artists to be self-sufficient in order to continue producing high-quality work. This means that she does not rely on outside sponsorships or income from Euphoria Art in order to live comfortably. However, she does benefit from the positive reputation that her art has earned over the years.

Overall, Kocian manages her time efficiently by balancing her home life with her work schedule. She takes care of herself so that she can continue creating beautiful artwork

What are your future goals for Euphoria Art?

I envision Euphoria Art becoming a premier destination for contemporary art in the Triangle region. I want to continue to work with talented artists and build a gallery that offers unique and compelling exhibitions, while offering an affordable space for people to come see art. I also hope to create opportunities for educational programming in conjunction with the gallery, as well as collaborate with other arts organizations in the area to provide added value to patrons.


Sydney Kocian is the owner and artist behind Euphoria Art, a contemporary fine art gallery that occupies an expansive space in downtown Baltimore. Over the past few years, Sydney has emerged as one of the brightest new stars in American painting, with her canvases portraying a strikingly original vision of America at its moment of transformation. In this interview, we discuss Sydney’s path to becoming a painter, her creative process, and the influence of architecture on her work. We also explore some of the unique aspects of Euphoria Art—including its location in downtown Baltimore, which provides an excellent platform for showcasing Sydney’s artistry to a wider audience.


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